Frequently Asked Questions

Psychological counselHow much does it cost?

This is a big question most people have about coming to counseling. I work on what is called a sliding fee scale. Please call me to discuss the sliding scale. For payment I do accept cash, checks, credit cards and Health Spending Accounts.

What about insurance covering the cost?

If you are active military, dependent of an active military member or retired military I do take Tricare and Military One Source insurances. After deductibles there may be a co-pay in some cases. In addition to the military insurances I am able to accept Value Options, Ceridian, HealthNet, Blue Shield of California, Covered California, Magellan. Many PPO insurances will cover partial costs of counseling. The best thing to do is to call your insurance company and ask them the following questions:
• Do I have mental health insurance benefits?
• What is my deductible and has it been met?
• How many sessions per year does my health insurance cover?
• What is the coverage amount per therapy session?
• Is approval required from my primary care physician?

CounselingWhat happens in counseling?

In the first session after we review the intake forms (click here to see the intake forms), we discuss what brings you to counseling? What would you like to accomplish in counseling? In subsequent session I may need to do more in depth assessments and suggest a course of action to accomplish what you came to counseling for in the beginning. In subsequent sessions I may need to do more in depth assessments and a then suggest course of action to accomplish what you came to counseling for and what I learn from your life story and family of origin. In each session we will work on accomplishing the issue(s) that brought you to counseling. I may give you homework to do help you overcome the concerns that brought you to counseling.

Couple Meeting ConsultantHow many sessions will I need?

Each session is 50-55 minutes and I suggest weekly or at a minimum every other week sessions to really help overcome issues. How many sessions will depend on the issue(s) and how hard you work outside of the session to overcome your issue(s).

What are your hours?

Monday & Wednesday: 10 am – 7.00 pm, Tuesday & Thursday: 8 am – 5.30 pm, Fridays: 9 am – 12.00 pm

Have you dealt with my issue(s) in counseling?

Because I have been counseling since 2000 and in fulltime Christian ministry since 1980 and married since 1975 and have three adult married children and ten grandchildren (with more on the way) more than likely I have worked with what you are struggling with in your life. For a full listing areas I work with click here. In your best interest if we get into counseling and I know of a counselor who has the expertise to best help you I may make a referral to another counselor.

CounselingDoes what we talk about in counseling remain confidential?

Confidentiality is one of the most important components between a client and counselor. Successful therapy requires a high degree of trust with highly sensitive subject matter that is usually not discussed anywhere but the in my office. I will provide a written copy of my confidential disclosure agreement, and you can expect that what you discuss in session will not be shared with anyone. This is called “Informed Consent”. Sometimes, however, you may want me to share information or give an update to someone on your healthcare team, such as your Physician, Pastor or family member, but by law I cannot release this information without obtaining your written permission.

However, state law and professional ethics require therapists to maintain confidentiality except for the following situations:

* Suspected past or present abuse or neglect of children, adults, and elders to the authorities, including Child Protection and law enforcement, based on information provided by the client or collateral sources.
* If the therapist has reason to suspect the client is seriously in danger of harming him/herself or has threatened to harm another person. These things I cannot keep confidential.